The AFMC has released the following statement reinforcing strategies for an equitable and unbiased resident match for all applicants.

Protecting the integrity of the match is of the utmost importance to CaRMS, the AFMC and medical schools. The following describes CaRMS’ role in the residency match process in Canada. While decisions regarding applicant selection are not made by CaRMS, we will continue to provide support however we can to the schools and organizations involved.

  • CaRMS’ role in the residency match process is to provide a fair, objective application and matching service for entry into postgraduate medical training throughout Canada.
  • Decisions regarding the policies governing the match (including eligibility and number of positions) are made by provincial bodies in conjunction with faculties of medicine.
  • Decisions regarding applicant selection are made by the participating faculties of medicine.
  • CaRMS is committed to working with our clients and stakeholders throughout the medical education community to identify and address concerns with policies, processes and outcomes, and to leveraging our expertise and data resources to help facilitate solutions.

Read the full statement from the AFMC.

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