The 2025 FMES match timeline is currently under review and will be posted shortly.

Updated January 16, 2024

2025 Family Medicine/Enhanced Skills Match

Please refer back to this timetable regularly, as dates are subject to change.

We offer a post-match process after the Family Medicine/Enhanced Skills (FM/ES match). This process allows unmatched applicants to apply to programs that are still considering applications.

Programs are not obligated to participate in this process. Available positions can be added or removed at any time. Applicants can view which programs are considering applications in the program description directory.

There is no cost for the post-match process as no ranking or matching services are provided. Applicants who are interested must apply to available programs directly through CaRMS Online.

None of the programs with unfilled positions have decided to enter them in the post-match process. Therefore there will be no post-match process for the 2019 FM/EM match.

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December 2024

12 December 2024 at 12:00 (noon) ET

Post-match process opens for PGME offices and programs

Postgraduate offices indicate which programs are participating in the post-match process and the number of positions available.

Post-match process program descriptions are available for editing.

13 December 2024 at 12:00 (noon) ET

Post-match process opens for applicants

Participating programs are listed in the program description directory.

Applicants can log into CaRMS Online and submit their application, along with required documents, to programs that are still accepting applications.

Once an application is submitted, it is immediately available to programs for review. All arrangements (interviews, offers, etc.) are coordinated between the postgraduate office, the program and the applicant; CaRMS is not involved beyond application submission.

January 2025

15 January 2025 at 15:00 ET

Post-match process closes

The post-match process closes. Applicants are no longer able to apply to programs and programs are no longer able to view applications.

The post-match process may close early if all programs are withdrawn prior to the closing date.

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