After first iteration match day, a link to residency positions available in the second iteration will be located on the ‘Match Results’ page of CaRMS Online.

The application procedure for the second iteration is the same as in the first iteration; however, the timeline is condensed. Please refer to the second iteration timeline for upcoming milestones. In addition, there is no interview period in the second iteration.

We recommend that you review program descriptions carefully.

In the first iteration most provinces offer positions in parallel streams. That is, there are separate streams of application for Canadian trained physicians and IMGs. In the second iteration,  vacancies in some provinces become competitive. This means that both internationally and Canadian trained physicians can apply and compete for the same available positions.

Please note that any programs that you applied to in the first iteration will not be carried forward to the second iteration. This means that if you applied to a program in the first iteration that went unfilled after the match, you will have to reapply to that program if you wish to be considered by that program during the second iteration.

The following table offers a snapshot of the provincial eligibility. We recommend that you carefully review the posted eligibility.

Province First iteration Second iteration
Newfoundland Parallel Competitive
Nova Scotia Parallel Competitive
Quebec CMQ-assessed CMQ-assessed
Ontario Parallel Competitive
Manitoba Parallel Competitive
Saskatchewan Parallel Competitive
Alberta AIMG-assessed AIMG-assessed
British Columbia BCIMG-assessed BCIMG-assessed

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