Have you ever wondered what happens between the time you submit your rank order list (ROL) and when you get your match result?

There’s more to running the match than just the push of a button—a lot of work goes into preparing for Match Day. After the ROL deadline, CaRMS works behind the scenes to run the match, verify the results and get them ready for applicants and programs to access on Match Day.


Once the ROL deadline hits, our first step is to review the final data and get it ready to run the match. This includes applicant and program ROLs, as well as the available positions and reversion information submitted by faculties. For the second iteration of the 2020 R-1 match, we’re processing a total of 9,719 applicant ranks and 1,249 program ranks. If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t make changes to your ROL after its been submitted, this is the reason—as soon as that information is provided to us, we’re putting it to work to produce your match result.

Submitted applicant and program ROLs are fed into the match algorithm along with the available positions in the match. The algorithm compares applicant and program ROLs and matches applicants to programs based on both parties’ stated preferences. Once this process is complete, the results produced by the algorithm are checked and confirmed both by CaRMS and a third party.

Once the match results are confirmed we upload them to CaRMS Online, where you will access them on Match Day. In addition to uploading individual match results and ensuring they will display correctly for each applicant and program, we prepare a variety of aggregate reports for faculties to ensure they have all the information they need for their Match Day support activities.

All of this work is done to ensure a problem-free Match Day, but we also plan for the unexpected by preparing alternate match result delivery measures for use in the event that something beyond our control interferes with our ability to deliver match results on CaRMS Online. Nothing is left to chance.

Match Day on April 15, 2020 is the culmination of a lot of hard work for our applicant and faculty clients—and for the CaRMS team. We take your trust in us very seriously, and we are committed to continuing to earn it at every step of your match experience.

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