We are excited to announce new disciplines that will be joining the 2025 Medicine Subspecialty Match and 2026 Pediatric Subspecialty Match.  

Forensic psychiatry, thoracic surgery, and geriatric psychiatry will be a part of the 2025 Medicine Subspecialty Match and colorectal surgery will join the 2026 Pediatric Subspecialty Match. 

Why are these disciplines joining these matches? Read more.

What does this mean for applicants?

Applicants interested in applying to any of the above programs can now apply directly through CaRMS rather than the PGME office. Applying to these programs through CaRMS will create a much more streamlined process for applicants, as they will be able to benefit from an established national process and will have the flexibility to apply to multiple programs within one platform. 

Next steps

Applicants interested in applying to these new disciplines can review program descriptions, match timelines, and find out how to register by clicking on the match they are interested in below. 

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