CaRMS offers English-to-French and French-to-English translation services for select document types to applicants preparing a bilingual application.

Eligible documents include medical school transcriptsmedical school performance records (MSPRs) and reference materials. We do not offer translation of other document types, nor do we offer translation of documents in languages other than English and French.


Once eligible documents are within the applicant’s CaRMS Online account, they will be able to request translation. CaRMS will then forward documents to Ubiqus Ottawa Inc. (formerly Société Gamma), the certified translation agency we have contracted for this purpose. Please note that once submitted, translation requests cannot be cancelled.

Once completed, translated documents will be uploaded to the applicant’s CaRMS Online account and they will see them listed on their translation request and document tracking pages. No interim tracking information is available.

Original letters of reference will be attached to translated copies in your application for reference purposes during file review.

First iteration

For the first iteration, all translation requests submitted through CaRMS Online before the Translation Request Deadline are guaranteed to be completed and uploaded into the applicant’s account before reference materials are made available to programs for review. We will continue to process translation requests submitted through CaRMS Online after the deadline; however, we cannot guarantee that translation requests submitted after the deadline will be complete before file review or reference letter unmasking.

Second iteration

Due to the compressed timeline of the second iteration, we cannot guarantee that translation requests will be completed and uploaded into the applicant’s account before the beginning of the file review period.


Translation requests are subject to a flat fee per document type, based on average document length. Please visit our fees page for a complete breakdown of translation fees.

If applicants have any questions concerning the translation service, they should email

For step-by-step instructions on how to request a translation in CaRMS Online account, visit our Help Centre.

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